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what is fire escape ladder?

Available January 2009 The Fire Escape Ladder is manufactured to the highest possible standards and has been scientifically tested at the Queens University, Belfast - to ensure guaranteed operation.

  • Unobtrusive and discreet appearance - looks like a rainwater drainpipe.
  • Compact in size - robust in strength. "the fire escape was found to be sufficiently resistant to bear the weight equivalent to twelve 15 stone people"
  • Serrated white rungs ensure a safe and visible foothold.
  • Opens from the top - eliminating security problems.
  • Works with gravity for increased stability.
  • Choice of matt black, semi gloss white, brown or caramel finish.

Most windows can be modified to accept Fire Escape.

Dimensions - Open Dimensions - Closed
4.2 m High, Rung width - 290mm 4.2 m High, diameter - 87mm
One is a fall pipe
One is a fire escape
One is a soil stack